CVW Series Wireless Flat Panel Detector


CVW Series is the latest generation of Wireless Flat Panel Detector. It has excellent image quality with low exposure dose, stable and reliable wireless performance and long battery life, providing an affordable DR Retrofit solution for medical institutions and a flexible DR OEM solution for DR manufacturers.

Model:  CVW-1717,   CVW-1417

  • Automatic Exposure Detection (AED)

CVW Series adopts high-sensitivity Automatic Exposure Detection (AED) technology which uses built-in high-sensitivity silicon photodetectors to detect X-rays. Without electrical connection or communication with the X-ray generator, the X-ray is automatically detected and the detector is triggered for image acquisition. The independent AED unit has high anti-interference ability, avoids false triggering, and has high sensitivity, which does not miss the trigger of every X-ray exposure.

  • Programmable Logic Device (PLD)

CVW Series uses advanced Programmable Logic Device (PLD) with built-in dark image correction and defective pixel correction technology. This technology is based on hardware real-time parallel processing, which can improve the image quality and reduce the display time of the whole image.

  • Intelligent Dose Control (IDC)

CVW Series adopts optimized Intelligent Dose Control (IDC) technology. According to different radiographic body parts, the exposure dose is automatically calculated inside the flat panel detector, which greatly reduces the time for image production and reduces the radiation dose received by the patient while obtaining the optimal image.

  • High-performance WiFi

CVW Series uses high-performance processors for data network transmission and processing. Supports wireless stable transmission rates up to 1167Mbps, compatible with IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac standards with 2.4 GHz / 5.8 GHz antennas to achieve wide-range wireless coverage, meeting the needs of image sharing between X-ray rooms, providing free and easy wireless network environment for flat panel detector and workstation.

  • Long battery life

CVW Series adopts removable battery design. Each battery has a capacity of up to 5200mAh. It has automatic sleep detection mechanism and fast wake-up capability, which greatly extends the battery life of the flat panel detector and can be used continuously up to 6 hours.

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