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  • 2009:Headquartered in Shenzhen
  • 2011:the first type full digital ultrasound diagnosis Aurora A1 was made
  • 2012:The second type Aurora A1 was made up and sale on market.The first type Veterinary Vetar V1 was made
  • 2013:Four technology platform build in Jan 2013, forming a robust research and development ideas, to enrich the product line
  • 2014:The first type full digital color doppler Aurora A5 was made
  • 2015:All touch-screen Ultramate U3 be made up in Nov. 2015, this is the first one in our country.
  • 2016:The first type All touch-screen color doppler P6 was lanuched.
  • 2017:The full-touch-Screen Trolley ultrasound system Kylin K3 was made
    Looking forward to the launch of the Aurora A7and Kylin K7 in the near furture.
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