Review of  Mexico EXPOMED 2017

Place:Mayan salons, WTC Mexico City

EXPOMED is a professional, comprehensive and strong influence medical exhibition in Mexico. The exhibition area is more than 4,000 square meters, with more than 120 exhibitors and nearly 7,000 professional visitors. The Exhibitors are from Germany, China, United States more than 10 countries and regions .
Over the past few years, the Mexican economy has been developing continuously, and the national health system has been continuously improved, prompting the rapid growth of the medical device market, and its position has been increasing in the medical device market in Latin America. In recent years, the communication became frequently in the medical field during China & Mexico, and have a huge potential in import and export trade.
Our company was invited to participate in this exhibition, which is our first time to participate in the Latin American medical exhibition, displayed various models Black and White Portable Aurora A3 and laptop Ultramate U3,Color Doppler Aurora A5 and Trolly Pilot P6. Since it is the first time for this exhibition, We just want to get some info about the market. but the actual effect is quite good. the product attract the attention and favor of the majority of customers, many customers expressed the willingness to cooperate at the Fairt. As a professional manufacturer of Ultrasound, We will provide more quality products and services to meet the international market and customer needs.